The Conspirator - Complete Collector's Edition
    • The Conspirator - Complete Collector's Edition
    • Released in 2011
    • 38 Songs


    1A Genuine War Hero - Film VersionSoundtrack
    2Into PositionSoundtrack
    3A Traitorous And Murderous ConspiracySoundtrack
    4April 14, 1865Soundtrack
    5One Bullet, But Not One ManSoundtrack
    6The ConspiratorsSoundtrack
    7To Uphold One's OathSoundtrack
    8The Boarding HouseSoundtrack
    9Second Floor, On The LeftSoundtrack
    10In The Matter Of Mary SurrattSoundtrack
    11If You Can Prove She's Guilty...Soundtrack
    12Fools Like YouSoundtrack
    14Sic Semper TyrannisSoundtrack
    15Did You Hire This Man?Soundtrack
    16Mary Is SickSoundtrack
    17Whose Side Are You On?Soundtrack
    18Lloyd FaltersSoundtrack
    19Whiskey PickupSoundtrack
    20Aiken Incriminates JohnSoundtrack
    21Aiken Antagonizes LloydSoundtrack
    22A Betraying WitnessSoundtrack
    23Conduct UnbecomingSoundtrack
    24You Need To Tread LightlySoundtrack
    25Anna Goes To CourtSoundtrack
    26Anna Pleads To See Her MotherSoundtrack
    27Our Laws Are Written HereSoundtrack
    28Another Casualty Of WarSoundtrack
    29There Should Only Be ThreeSoundtrack
    30I Will Not Abandon HerSoundtrack
    31In Times Of War, The Law Falls Silent, Pt. 1Soundtrack
    32In Times Of War, The Law Falls Silent, Pt. 2Soundtrack
    3313 StepsSoundtrack
    34Peace At Last - Film VersionSoundtrack
    35End CreditsSoundtrack
    36A Genuine War Hero - Alt. VersionSoundtrack
    37One Bullet, But Not One Man - Alt. Ending PickupSoundtrack
    38Peace At Last - Original VersionSoundtrack

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