Salt In My Tears: The Complete Mercury Masters
    • Salt In My Tears: The Complete Mercury Masters
    • Released in 2006
    • 35 Songs


    1Slipping AwayMartin Briley
    1Dangerous MomentsMartin Briley
    2Think Of MeMartin Briley
    2The Man I FeelMartin Briley
    3I Feel Like A MilkshakeMartin Briley
    3GhostsMartin Briley
    4It Shouldn't Have To Hurt That MuchMartin Briley
    4First To KnowMartin Briley
    5Heart Of LifeMartin Briley
    5Alone At LastMartin Briley
    6A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous ThingMartin Briley
    6Before The Party EndsMartin Briley
    7If This Is What It MeansMartin Briley
    7I Don't Feel BetterMartin Briley
    8Dirty WindowsMartin Briley
    8More Of The SameMartin Briley
    9One Step BehindMartin Briley
    9School For DogsMartin Briley
    10UnderwaterMartin Briley
    10Fear Of The UnknownMartin Briley
    11Rich WomenMartin Briley
    11The Salt In My TearsMartin Briley
    12Midnight CruiseMartin Briley
    12Just A Mile AwayMartin Briley
    13Put Your Hands On The ScreenMartin Briley
    13All The Right MovesMartin Briley
    14Maybe I've Waited Too LongMartin Briley
    14Spit It OutMartin Briley
    15This Ain't The First TimeMartin Briley
    15She's So FlexibleMartin Briley
    16A Rainy Day In New York CityMartin Briley
    16MamaMartin Briley
    17I Wonder What She Thinks Of MeMartin Briley
    18Dumb LoveMartin Briley
    19One Night With A StrangerMartin Briley

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