• Essential
    • Released in 2011
    • 34 Songs


    1Scarborough FairMartin Carthy
    1The Devil & The Feathery WifeMartin Carthy
    2Broomfield HillMartin Carthy
    2The Maid And The PalmerBrass Monkey
    3SovayBrass Monkey
    3Lord FranklinMartin Carthy
    4The Domination Of The SwordMartin Carthy
    4Byker HillMartin Carthy
    5Bill NorrieMartin Carthy
    5The Bee's WingMartin Carthy
    6A Stitch In TimeMartin Carthy
    6Poor Murdered WomanMartin Carthy
    7Seven Yellow GypsiesMartin Carthy
    7Work Life Out To Keep Life InMartin Carthy
    8Prince HeathenMartin Carthy
    8A Question Of SportMartin Carthy
    9January ManMartin Carthy
    10His Name Is AndrewMartin Carthy
    10Sir Patrick SpensMartin Carthy, Dave Swarbrick
    11King HenryMartin Carthy
    11GeorgieMartin Carthy, Dave Swarbrick
    12Famous Flower Of Serving MenMartin Carthy
    12SkewbaldMartin Carthy
    13MermaidMartin Carthy
    13The BedmakingMartin Carthy
    14GeordieMartin Carthy
    14The Maid Of AustraliaBrass Monkey
    15Christ Made A TranceWaterson:Carthy
    15Lovely JoanMartin Carthy
    16Siege Of DelhiMartin Carthy
    16The Harry Lime ThemeMartin Carthy
    17The Prickle Holly BushThe Watersons
    18I Sowed Some SeedsMartin Carthy

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