Supergun  (Album Version)

Supergun (Album Version)

Mary Lou Lord

I ran out of Lexington - I ran out of time
I hooked up with anyone that I could find
Why don't you answer me
I bear you no ill
You never notice me but someday you will
And there you go lead and time
Skin and chrome supergun so fine

I'm burned up with jealousy
You're burned up with speed
You ditch your paramour
I got what you need

And I'm not a child
And I'm not a fool
Oh no not again - your supergun so cruel

I got up - a new day dawned
I believe I've been reborn
I threw out my dolls and pins
I go out and reel you in at last
Oh yea, yea yea

No injured innocence - no wounded pride
Accept what has to be, I so long denied
And I take it off and you follow suit
I close my eyes
But your supergun won't shoot
No it won't shoot
No it won't shoot
No it won't shoot

Written by SALOMAN, NICK
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group

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