The Complete Mercury Sessions
    • The Complete Mercury Sessions
    • Released in 2012
    • 95 Songs


    1Mr. XMax Roach
    1Little FolksMax Roach
    1Billie's BounceMax Roach
    1Spoken Introduction By Max RoachMax Roach
    1Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)Max Roach & Buddy Rich
    1Limehouse BluesMax Roach & Buddy Rich
    1Quiet as It's KeptMax Roach
    2Body And SoulMax Roach
    2Minor TroubleMax Roach
    2Ko-KoMax Roach
    2La VillaMax Roach & Clifford Brown
    2The CasbahMax Roach & Buddy Rich
    2The CasbahMax Roach & Buddy Rich
    2To LadyMax Roach
    3Just One Of Those ThingsMax Roach
    3Valse HotMax Roach
    3Parker's MoodMax Roach
    3A Night In TunisiaMax Roach
    3SleepMax Roach & Buddy Rich
    3Big FootMax Roach
    3Lotus BlossomClifford Brown
    4Ezz-TheticMax Roach
    4LoverMax Roach
    4ShirleyMax Roach
    4Deeds, Not WordsMax Roach
    4Figure EightsMax Roach
    4Big FootMax Roach & Buddy Rich
    4As Long as You're LivingMax Roach
    5The Most Beautiful Girl in the WorldMax Roach
    5RaoulMax Roach
    5My Old FlameMax Roach
    5Minor ModeMax Roach
    5YesterdaysMax Roach & Buddy Rich
    5Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing)Max Roach & Buddy Rich
    5The More I See YouMax Roach
    6Woody 'N' YouMax Roach
    6This Time The Dream's On MeMax Roach
    6SportyMax Roach
    6Tune UpMax Roach
    6Big FootMax Roach & Buddy Rich
    6Speak LowMax Roach
    6JulianoClifford Brown
    7Dr. Free-ZeeMax Roach
    7Tune-UpMax Roach
    7Stella By StarlightMax Roach
    7Love for SaleMax Roach
    7Limehouse BluesMax Roach & Buddy Rich
    7Speak LowMax Roach
    7Parisian SketchesMax Roach
    8I'll Take RomanceMax Roach
    8ConfirmationMax Roach
    8Stompin' At The SavoyMax Roach
    8PreludeMax Roach
    8Toot Toot Tootsie GoodbyeMax Roach & Buddy Rich
    8Never Let Me GoMax Roach
    8NicaMax Roach
    9It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)Max Roach
    9Au PrivaveMax Roach
    9Memo: To MauriceMax Roach
    9LepaMax Roach
    9You're Mine, YouMax Roach
    9Never Let Me GoMax Roach
    9Petit DejeunerMax Roach
    10Blues WaltzMax Roach
    10AnthropologyMax Roach
    10ShirleyMax Roach
    10Connie's BounceMax Roach
    10Come Rain or Come ShineMax Roach
    10Come Rain or Come ShineMax Roach
    10Un Nouveau CompletMax Roach
    11Love LettersMax Roach
    11Yardbird SuiteMax Roach
    11My Old FlameMax Roach
    11A Little SweetMax Roach
    11Wild Is the WindMax Roach
    11Come Rain or Come ShineMax Roach
    11LiberteMax Roach
    12Memo: To MauriceMax Roach
    12TympanalliMax Roach
    12Speak LowMax Roach
    12Wild Is the WindMax Roach
    13Stompin' At The SavoyMax Roach
    13Bemsha SwingMax Roach
    13I Concentrate on YouMax Roach
    13You're Mine, YouMax Roach
    14There's No YouMax Roach
    14Moon-Faced and Starry-EyedMax Roach
    14You're Mine, YouMax Roach
    15Never Let Me GoMax Roach
    15You're Mine, YouMax Roach
    16Namely YouMax Roach
    16I Concentrate on YouMax Roach
    17Never Leave MeMax Roach
    17Never Leave MeMax Roach
    18You're My ThrillMax Roach

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