• Warchest
    • Released in 2007
    • 68 Songs


    1Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! (Remix)Megadeth
    1Keeping ScoreMegadeth
    1Trust (2004 Digital Remaster)Megadeth
    1Intro/Rattlehead (Live at Wembley)Megadeth
    2The Skull Beneath The Skin (Remix)Megadeth
    2Symphony Of Destruction (2004 Digital Remaster)Megadeth
    2Almost Honest (2004 Digital Remaster)Megadeth
    2Wake Up Dead (Live at Wembley)Megadeth
    3Peace Sells (2004 - Remastered)Megadeth
    3Go To HellMegadeth
    3Use The Man (2004 Digital Remaster)Megadeth
    3Hangar 18 (Live at Wembley)Megadeth
    4Wake Up Dead (2004 - Remastered)Megadeth
    4Foreclosure Of A Dream (2004 Digital Remaster)Megadeth
    4She-Wolf (2004 Digital Remaster)Megadeth
    4Hook In Mouth (Live at Wembley)Megadeth
    5Devils Island (2004 - Remastered)Megadeth
    5Architecture Of Aggression (Demo)Megadeth
    5A Secret Place (Live at Woodstock '99)Megadeth
    5The Skull Beneath The Skin (Live at Wembley)Megadeth
    6Set The World Afire (2004 Remastered)Megadeth
    6Skin O' My Teeth (Live from Alpine Valley)Megadeth
    6One ThingMegadeth
    6The Conjuring (Live at Wembley)Megadeth
    7Into The Lungs Of Hell (2004 - Remaster)Megadeth
    7High Speed Dirt (Live at Alpine Valley)Megadeth
    7Duke NukemMegadeth
    7In My Darkest Hour (Live at Wembley)Megadeth
    8Anarchy/Problems (Session Take)Megadeth
    8Ashes In Your Mouth (Live Cow Palace)Megadeth
    8Insomnia (2004 Digital Remaster)Megadeth
    8Lucretia (Live at Wembley)Megadeth
    9Hook In Mouth (2004 Remastered)Megadeth
    9Sweating Bullets (Live from Cow Palace/San Francisco)Megadeth
    9Crush 'Em (2004 Digital Remaster)Megadeth
    9Devils Island (Live at Wembley)Megadeth
    10Liar (2004 Remastered)Megadeth
    10Breakpoint (Session Take)Megadeth
    10Kill The KingMegadeth
    10Take No Prisoners (Live at Wembley)Megadeth
    11In My Darkest HourMegadeth
    11Angry AgainMegadeth
    11Dread & The Fugitive MindMegadeth
    11Peace Sells (Live at Wembley)Megadeth
    12No More Mr. Nice GuyMegadeth
    12Train Of Consequences (2004 Digital Remaster)Megadeth
    12Never Say Die (Edited)Megadeth
    12Black Friday (Live at Wembley)Megadeth
    13Dark Themes (Interview Excerpt)Megadeth
    13Reckoning Day (2004 Digital Remaster)Megadeth
    13Moto PsychoMegadeth
    13It's Electric (Live at Wembley)Megadeth with Sean Harris
    14Holy Wars...The Punishment Due (Casey McMackin Demo)Megadeth
    14New World OrderMegadeth
    141000 Times GoodbyeMegadeth
    14Anarchy In The UK (Live at Wembley)Megadeth
    15Tornado Of Souls (Demo)Megadeth
    15The Killing Road (2004 Digital Remaster)Megadeth
    15Coming HomeMegadeth
    15Holy Wars...The Punishment Due (Live at Wembley)Megadeth
    16Five Magics (Demo)Megadeth
    16Strange WaysMegadeth
    16Kick The ChairMegadeth
    17Hangar 18 (2004 Digital Remaster)Megadeth
    17Of Mice and MenMegadeth
    19A Tout Le Monde (2004 Digital Remaster)Megadeth

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