Sell Your Money (Album Version)

Sell Your Money (Album Version)

Men, Women & Children

I bet your bed sees no action
But makes long lasting transactions in your sleep
Can you calculate every fraction so perfectly
But you don't have to do that math with me

I'm so sorry thinking has got the best of me
I didn't mean to be nearly that obscene

All talk and no dancing
Your numbers coming up
(Keep on talking man keep on talking until your head explodes)

I see your feet are moving
But you're not even catching up
(Keep on talking man keep on talking until your money's sold)

So put your motion where your mouth is
'Cause Lord knows it's where your rhythm is
(Not where your cash goes)
Just wanna watch all the mouths you feed (everybody)
File out and run you down like a stampede

Put your money away
'Cause cause this is the new collection for the new congregation

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