Merle Haggard: 40 Greatest Hits
    • Merle Haggard: 40 Greatest Hits
    • Released in 2004
    • 40 Songs


    1My Friends Are Gonna Be StrangersMerle Haggard
    1Turnin' Off A MemoryMerle Haggard
    2I'm A Lonesome FugitiveMerle Haggard
    2Everybody's Had The BluesMerle Haggard
    3The Bottle Let Me DownMerle Haggard
    3If We Make It Through DecemberMerle Haggard
    4The Emptiest Arms In The WorldMerle Haggard
    4Branded ManMerle Haggard
    5Holding Things TogetherMerle Haggard
    5I Threw Away The RoseMerle Haggard
    6Sing Me Back HomeMerle Haggard
    6Kentucky GamblerMerle Haggard
    7The Old Man From The MountainMerle Haggard
    7Mama TriedMerle Haggard
    8The Legend Of Bonnie & ClydeMerle Haggard
    8Things Aren't Funny AnymoreMerle Haggard
    9It Makes No Difference NowMerle Haggard
    9Hungry EyesMerle Haggard
    10Always Wanting YouMerle Haggard
    10I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I AmMerle Haggard
    11It's All In The MoviesMerle Haggard
    11Okie From MuskogeeMerle Haggard
    12Workin' Man BluesMerle Haggard
    12Cherokee MaidenMerle Haggard
    13The Fightin' Side Of MeMerle Haggard
    13Shackles & ChainsMerle Haggard
    14The Roots Of My RaisingMerle Haggard
    14Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man)Merle Haggard
    15Someday We'll Look BackMerle Haggard
    15From Graceland To The PromiselandMerle Haggard
    16I'm Always On A Mountain When I FallMerle Haggard
    16Peach Pickin' Time In GeorgiaMerle Haggard
    17The Farmer's DaughterMerle Haggard
    17It's Been A Great AfternoonMerle Haggard
    18Misery And GinMerle Haggard
    18CarolynMerle Haggard
    19If It's Wrong To Love YouMerle Haggard
    19The Way I AmMerle Haggard
    20I Think I'll Just Stay Here And DrinkMerle Haggard
    20It's Not Love (But It's Not Bad)Merle Haggard

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