Voice of the People 16: You Lazy Lot of Bone-Shakers
    • Voice of the People 16: You Lazy Lot of Bone-Shakers
    • Released in 1997
    • 26 Songs


    1The Nut DanceBritannia Coconut Dancers
    2Highland Mary - Morris Dance TuneJinky Wells
    3Live Performance - The QuakerBampton Morris
    4The Pace - Egging SongEmma Vickers
    5The Happy WandererMerrymakers
    6While Shepherds Were Watching Their Flocks By the NightGeorge Dunn
    7Live Performance - By The Bright Silvery Light of the Moon / Live Performance - Highland FlingWrenboys
    8Double Set Back-Morris Dance TuneBill Kimber
    9So Now We'Ve Gained Our Vitory - The QuakerThe Mummers
    10Dublin Fair / The Boys Of Wexford / GarryowenWapping Irish Flute
    11The Girl I Left Behind Me-Morris Dance TuneStephen Baldwin
    12Live PerformanceRipon Sword Dancers
    13Jockey To The Fair - Live PerormanceAbingdon Traditonal Morris Dancers
    14The Wassail SongPhil Tanner
    15Live Performance - Furry DanceHelston Town Band
    16While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By NightScan Tester
    17God Bless the Master of This HouseFrank Bond
    18Where Does Father Christmas Go To?Sam Bond
    19Bobbing Around - Live PerformanceBampton Morris
    20Live PerformancesSailors Horse Hobby
    21The Waysailing BowlBilly Buckingham
    22The Great Little Army MarchWidnes Star Novelty Band
    23Live PerformanceThe Jolly Wassailers
    24Cock O The North - Live PerformanceAbbots Bromely Horn Dancers
    25The Garland Dance No.3 - Live PerformanceBritannia Coconut Dancers
    26The Sash - Live PerformanceMerrymakers

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