From His Head to His Heart to His Hands
    • From His Head to His Heart to His Hands
    • Released in 2014
    • 47 Songs


    1I'm a Country Boy (Early 1964 Hammond Audition)Michael Bloomfield
    1Albert's ShuffleAl Kooper & Mike Bloomfield
    2Judge, Judge (Early 1964 Hammond Audition)Michael Bloomfield
    2StopMichael Bloomfield & Al Kooper
    3Don't You Lie to Me (Live)Michael Bloomfield
    3Hammond's Rag (Early 1964 Hammond Audition)Michael Bloomfield
    3His Holy Modal MajestyMichael Bloomfield & Al Kooper
    4Intro - Fillmore WestMichael Bloomfield & Al Kooper
    4I've Got You in the Palm of My HandsMichael Bloomfield
    5I Got My MoJo WorkingMichael Bloomfield
    5Gypsy Good TimeNick Gravenites
    559th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy) (Live - Mono Hybrid Edit)Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield
    6One Good ManJanis Joplin
    6Like a Rolling Stone (Instrumental)Bob Dylan
    6Don't Throw Your Love on Me So Strong (Live)Michael Bloomfield & Al Kooper
    7Santana Clause (Live)Michael Bloomfield
    7Tombstone Blues (Alternate Chambers Brothers Version)Bob Dylan
    7It's About TimeNick Gravenites
    8The Weight (Live)Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield
    8Michael Speaks About Paul ButterfieldMichael Bloomfield
    8Carmelita Skiffle (Live)Nick Gravenites
    9Intro - Fillmore East (Live)Michael Bloomfield & Al Kooper
    9Darktown Strutters Ball (Live)Michael Bloomfield
    10One Way Out (Live)Michael Bloomfield & Al Kooper
    10Don't Think About It BabyMichael Bloomfield
    11Her Holy Modal Highness (Live)Michael Bloomfield & Al Kooper
    12Fat Grey Cloud (Live)Michael Bloomfield & Al Kooper
    12Killin' FloorThe Electric Flag
    13Mary Ann (Live)Michael Bloomfield
    13TexasThe Electric Flag
    14That's All Right Mama (Live)Michael Bloomfield & Al Kooper
    14Spoken Intro (Live)Bob Dylan
    14Susie's Shuffle (Live Jam)The Electric Flag
    15Just a Little Something (Live)The Electric Flag
    15The Groom's Still Waiting at the Altar (Live)Bob Dylan
    16Easy RiderThe Electric Flag
    17They Just Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore (Hidden Track, Not Mentioned or Referenced in Physical Packaging)Al Kooper

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