Michael Crawford



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  • WALL-E


1Put On Your Sunday ClothesMichael Crawford & Company
22815 A.D.Thomas Newman
3Wall-EThomas Newman
4The SpaceshipThomas Newman
5EVEThomas Newman
6ThrustThomas Newman
7Bubble WrapThomas Newman
8La Vie En RoseLouis Armstrong
9Eye SurgeryThomas Newman
10Worry WaitThomas Newman
11First DateThomas Newman
12Eve RetrieveThomas Newman
13The AxiomThomas Newman
14BNLThomas Newman
15Foreign ContaminantThomas Newman
16Repair WardThomas Newman
1772 Degrees and SunnyThomas Newman
18Typing BotThomas Newman
19SeptuacentennialThomas Newman
20GopherThomas Newman
21Wall-E's Pod AdventureThomas Newman
22Define DancingThomas Newman
23No Splashing No DivingThomas Newman
24All That Love's AboutThomas Newman
25M-OThomas Newman
26Directive A-113Thomas Newman
27Mutiny!Thomas Newman
28Fixing Wall-EThomas Newman
29Rogue RobotsThomas Newman
30March of the GelsThomas Newman
31TiltThomas Newman
32The Holo-DetectorThomas Newman
33HyperjumpThomas Newman
34Desperate EveThomas Newman
35StaticThomas Newman
36It Only Takes a MomentMichael Crawford
37Down to EarthPeter Gabriel
38Horizon 12.2Thomas Newman

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