Lost: Season 3
    • Lost: Season 3
    • Released in 2013
    • 67 Songs


    1In With A Kaboom!Michael Giacchino
    2Main TitleMichael Giacchino
    3Awed And ShockedMichael Giacchino
    4Fool Me TwiceMichael Giacchino
    5Pagoda Of ShameMichael Giacchino
    6The IslandMichael Giacchino
    7Eko Of The PastMichael Giacchino
    8Church Of Eko'sMichael Giacchino
    9Leggo My EkoMichael Giacchino
    10Romancing The CageMichael Giacchino
    11Under The KnifeMichael Giacchino
    12Teaser TimeMichael Giacchino
    13Here Today, Gone To MauiMichael Giacchino
    14Distraught DesmondMichael Giacchino
    15Achara, Glad To See Me?Michael Giacchino
    16Ocean's ApartMichael Giacchino
    17The Lone HugoMichael Giacchino
    18Fetch Your ArmMichael Giacchino
    19Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Nothin'Michael Giacchino
    20ShambalaMichael Giacchino
    21Claire-A CulpaMichael Giacchino
    22A Touching MomentMichael Giacchino
    23Sweet ExposeMichael Giacchino
    24Storming MonsterMichael Giacchino
    25Heart Of ThawyerMichael Giacchino
    26Juliette Is LostMichael Giacchino
    27Beach Blanket BondingMichael Giacchino
    28Rushin' The RussianMichael Giacchino
    29Deadly FertilityMichael Giacchino
    30DharmacideMichael Giacchino
    31Paddle JumperMichael Giacchino
    32She's DynamiteMichael Giacchino
    33The Good, The Bad And The OminousMichael Giacchino
    34Charlie's FateMichael Giacchino
    35Paddle Jumper RepriseMichael Giacchino
    36Ta-Ta CharlieMichael Giacchino
    37Heirloom HolidayMichael Giacchino
    38Greatest HitsMichael Giacchino
    39Flying HighMichael Giacchino
    40The Good ShepherdMichael Giacchino
    41Manifesting DestinyMichael Giacchino
    42The Looking Glass CeilingMichael Giacchino
    43Ex Marks The JackMichael Giacchino
    44Jintimidating BernardMichael Giacchino
    45Benomination Of The TempleMichael Giacchino
    46An Other Dark AgendaMichael Giacchino
    47Kate Makes A SplashMichael Giacchino
    48Diving DesmondMichael Giacchino
    49Weapon Of Mass DistractionMichael Giacchino
    50The Fallen HeroMichael Giacchino
    51Sticking To Their GunsMichael Giacchino
    52Torture Me NotMichael Giacchino
    53Through The Locke-Ing GlassMichael Giacchino
    54The Only Pebble In The JungleMichael Giacchino
    55Early Mourning MysteryMichael Giacchino
    56Patchy At BestMichael Giacchino
    57All Jack'ed UpMichael Giacchino
    58Hold The PhoneMichael Giacchino
    59Code Of ConductMichael Giacchino
    60Act Now, Regret LaterMichael Giacchino
    61Just What The Doctor OrderedMichael Giacchino
    62Hurley's Helping HandMichael Giacchino
    63Looking Glass Half FullMichael Giacchino
    64Jack FMMichael Giacchino
    65Naomi Phone HomeMichael Giacchino
    66Flash Forward FlashbackMichael Giacchino
    67End TitleMichael Giacchino

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