Lost: The Final Season
    • Lost: The Final Season
    • Released in 2013
    • 51 Songs


    1A Sunken FeelingMichael Giacchino
    2Heavy Metal CrewMichael Giacchino
    3Doing Jacob's WorkMichael Giacchino
    4Smokey And The BanditsMichael Giacchino
    5LAXMichael Giacchino
    6Temple And SpringMichael Giacchino
    7Locke At It This WayMichael Giacchino
    8Richard The FlooredMichael Giacchino
    9Coffin CalamityMichael Giacchino
    10Lie Thou ThereMichael Giacchino
    11Trouble Is My First NameMichael Giacchino
    12Death Springs EternalMichael Giacchino
    13The Rockets' Red GlareMichael Giacchino
    14Temple And TaxiMichael Giacchino
    15My OrcaMichael Giacchino
    16Helen Of JoyMichael Giacchino
    17Jacob's LaddersMichael Giacchino
    18The SubstituteMichael Giacchino
    19Peculiar ParentingMichael Giacchino
    20Door JammerMichael Giacchino
    21The LighthouseMichael Giacchino
    22SundownMichael Giacchino
    23Catch A Falling StarMichael Giacchino
    24Linus And AlpertinentMichael Giacchino
    25Karma Has No PriceMichael Giacchino
    26ReconMichael Giacchino
    27Crazy TownMichael Giacchino
    28None The RichardMichael Giacchino
    29Love In A Time Of PneumoniaMichael Giacchino
    30The Fall Of ManMichael Giacchino
    31Dead Man TalkingMichael Giacchino
    32Jacob's AdvocateMichael Giacchino
    33Standing OfferMichael Giacchino
    34And Death Shall Have No DominionMichael Giacchino
    35Sayid After DentistMichael Giacchino
    36Shepharding SunMichael Giacchino
    37Tesla TesterMichael Giacchino
    38George Of The Concrete JungleMichael Giacchino
    39World's Worst Car WashMichael Giacchino
    40None The NurseMichael Giacchino
    41Happily Ever AfterMichael Giacchino
    42Hugo Reyes Of LightMichael Giacchino
    43Passing The TorchMichael Giacchino
    44A Memorable KissMichael Giacchino
    45The Last RecruitMichael Giacchino
    46Kool-Aid ClaireMichael Giacchino
    47The Sub GroupMichael Giacchino
    48Sunny OutlookMichael Giacchino
    49Reunion And RenegingMichael Giacchino
    50The Hole ShabangMichael Giacchino
    51Moving OnMichael Giacchino

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