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Film Music 1980 - 2001

Film Music 1980 - 2001

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1Bird List (Live)Michael Nyman
1EscapeMichael Nyman
2Chasing Sheep Is Best Left To Shepherds (Live)Michael Nyman
2Fly DriveMichael Nyman
3An Eye For Optical TheoryMichael Nyman
3The Infinite Complexities Of ChristmasMichael Nyman
4Homage To MauriceMichael Nyman
4IfMichael Nyman
5Angelfish DecayMichael Nyman
5Abel Carries EphraimMichael Nyman
6Time LapseMichael Nyman
6Becoming Jerome/God's HandsMichael Nyman
7Trysting FieldsMichael Nyman
7The MorrowMichael Nyman
8Wheelbarrow WalkMichael Nyman
8The Other SideMichael Nyman
9Knowing The RopesMichael Nyman
9The DepartureMichael Nyman
10MemorialMichael Nyman
10Stranger At The WindowThe Michael Nyman Orchestra
11SkatingMichael Nyman
11Cannibal FantasyThe Michael Nyman Orchestra
12PeekingMichael Nyman
12MollyMichael Nyman
13AbandoningMichael Nyman
13EddieMichael Nyman
14SkirtingMichael Nyman
14DanMichael Nyman
15Miranda PrevisitedMichael Nyman
15EileenMichael Nyman
16Here To ThereMichael Nyman
16The Shoot OutMichael Nyman
17The Heart Asks Pleasure First/The Promise (Edit)Michael Nyman
17The BurningMichael Nyman
18All Imperfect ThingsMichael Nyman
19Dreams Of A JourneyMichael Nyman

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