Young Man, Older Woman
    • Young Man, Older Woman
    • Released in 2006
    • 34 Songs


    1Take Your TimeMillie Jackson
    1IntroductionMillie Jackson
    2Baby, I'm Ready NowMillie Jackson
    2Sweet and Low BluesMillie Jackson
    3Decatur Street TuttiMillie Jackson
    3DialogMillie Jackson
    4Living With A StrangerMillie Jackson
    4You Ain't The OneMillie Jackson
    5I'm Going Away Just To Wear You Off My MindMillie Jackson
    5The Weight Of LoveMillie Jackson
    6That's My StuffMillie Jackson
    6You Gonna Miss MeMillie Jackson
    7DialogMillie Jackson
    7Boston SkuffleMillie Jackson
    8Take Me To The RiverMillie Jackson
    8Don't Wanna B N LuvMillie Jackson
    9Ace Of RhythmMillie Jackson
    9When A Woman Makes Up Her MindMillie Jackson
    10I Got The StingerMillie Jackson
    10DialogMillie Jackson
    11I Wish It Would Rain DownMillie Jackson
    11Moanful BluesMillie Jackson
    12DialogMillie Jackson
    12Got Butter On ItMillie Jackson
    13Someday We'll All Be FreeMillie Jackson
    13Rub Me Some MoreMillie Jackson
    14SouthboundMillie Jackson
    14DialogMillie Jackson
    15Taking My Life BackMillie Jackson
    15Toogaloo ShoutMillie Jackson
    16Sleepy Time BluesMillie Jackson
    16People In My HeadMillie Jackson
    17DialogMillie Jackson
    18Young Man, Older WomanMillie Jackson

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