Sounds Of The South

Sounds Of The South

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1Jim And JohnLonnie Young & Ed Young
1Death, Have MercyVera Hall
1Johnson's Old Gray MuleMainer Band
1The Banks Of The Arkansas/Wave The OceanNeil Morris
2The Wild Ox MoanVera Hall
2Hen DuckEd Young
2My Little RoosterAlmeda Riddle
2I Want Jesus To Walk WIth MeJames Shorty
3The Farmer's Curst WifeEstil C. Ball
3Been Drinkin' Water Out Of A Hollow LogMississippi Fred McDowell
3Jesus Is Real To MeMary Lee
3Whoa MuleMainer Band
4Frog Went A-Courtin'Almeda Riddle
4I Love The LordCrenshaw
4All Night LongMiles Pratcher & Bob Pratcher
4Boll Weevil HollerVera Hall
5Jesse James (Instrumental)Mountain Ramblers
5A Sermon FragmentReverend G. I. Townsel
5Glenn's ChimesMainer Band
5Shake 'Em On DownMississippi Fred McDowell
6Levee Camp ReminiscenceForest City Joe
6I'm Goin' Home On The Mornin' TrainCrenshaw
6Chick-A-Li-Lee-LoAlmeda Riddle
6Jesse JamesNeil Morris
7ChevroletLonnie Young & Ed Young
7Kenny WagnerBob Carpenter
7Old Joe Clark (Instrumental)Mountain Ramblers
7PowerMattie Wigley
8Trouble So HardVera Hall
8Levee Camp HollerJohnny Lee Moore
8On That RockViola James
8Go Tell Aunt NancyAlmede Riddle
9Train IIIMainer Band
9Baptizing SceneReverend W. A. Donaldson
9Eighteen HammersJohnny Lee Moore
9Jesus On The Main LineJames Shorty & Viola James
10I'm Gonna Sail Like A Ship On The OceanHenry Morrison & Saint Simon's Island Singers
10Drink On Little GirlForest City Joe
10Is There Anybody Here That Love My JesusViola James & Congregation
10Johnny CuckooBessie Jones
11Mama Buy Me Chiney DollAlmeda Riddle
11Drop Down MamaMississippi Fred McDowell
11Blow GabrielJohn Davis, Bessie Jones & Henry Morrison
11WindhamAlabama Sacred Harp Singers
12Boogie ChildrenBoy Blue
12Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And BurningMississippi Fred McDowell
12Soldier, SoldierHobart Smith
12What Do You Think About Jesus (He's All Right)Bernice McClellan
13Come On, Boys, Let's Go To The BallSidney Hemphill & Lucius Smith
13Mary MackJesse Lee Pratcher & Mattie Garder
13TribulationsEstil C. Ball & Blair Reedy
13She Lived Her Life Too FastForrest City Joe
14Join The BandJohn Davis
14When I Get HomeEstil C. Ball & Blair Reedy
14Sittin' On Top Of The WorldLonnie Young
14HamboneBessie Jones
15Cool Water BluesJohn Dudley
15Banging BreakdownHobart Smith
15The Poor Wayfaring StrangerEstil C. Ball
15Lucky HollerEd Lewis
16She Don't Love Me That WayForrest City Joe
16Green Sally, UpJesse Lee Pratcher & Mattie Garder
16Baptizing Down The CreekMountain Ramblers
16I Be So Glad When The Sun Goes DownEd Lewis
17SometimesBessie Jones
17Sermon And Lining HymnReverend I.D. Back
17Cotton Eyed JoeMountain Ramblers
17Stop Breaking DownForrest City Joe
18Big Tilda (Instrumental)Mountain Ramblers
18Joe Lee's RockBoy Blue
18The Arkansas TravelerHobart Smith
18AntiochAlabama Sacred Harp Singers
19Bullyin' WellRosalie Hill
19Jennie JenkinsEstil C. Ball & Orna Ball
19Paper Of PinsEstil C. Ball
19CalvaryAlabama Sacred Harp Singers
20Please Let Me Stay A Little LongerEstil C. Ball & Lacey Richardson
20When You Get Home, Write Me A Few Little LinesMississippi Fred McDowell
20The Little Dappled CowTexas Gladden
20John HenryMountain Ramblers & Cullen Gaylen
21Red Cross StoreForrest City Joe
21Rosewood CasketMountain Ramblers & Eldridge Montgomery
21Father, Jesus Loves YouEstil C. Ball
21Go To Sleep Little BabyBessie Jones
22Paddy On The TurnpikeWade Ward
22Silly Bill (Instrumental)Mountain Ramblers
22Lonesome ValleyEstil C. Ball
22Forrest City JumpForrest City Joe
23Jimmy SuttonSpencer Moore
23Father AdieuEstil C. Ball
23Big Ball In BostonMountain Ramblers
24Liza JaneMountain Ramblers
24Chilly Winds (Instrumental)Wade Ward
24The Old Country ChurchMountain Ramblers
25OreeLonnie Young & Ed Young
25The Old Hickory CaneMountain Ramblers
25The Cabin On The HillEstil C. Ball & Lacey Richardson
26John BrownHobart Smith
26Train TimeForrest City Joe
27Freight Train BluesMississippi Fred McDowell
27Poor Ellen SmithHobart Smith
28This Little Light Of MineJames Shorty & Viola James
28Shady GroveMountain Ramblers
29Motherless ChildrenFelix Dukes
30Little MosesNeil Morris

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