Happy Valentine's Day Folks

Happy Valentine's Day Folks

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  • Happy Valentine's Day Folks


1This Song Of LoveVarious Artists
2Love Has GoneVarious Artists
3Donna DonnaJoan Baez
4I Don't Love NobodyElizabeth Cotton
5I Truly Understand You Love Another ManVarious Artists
6Single Girl, Married GirlThe Carter Family
7Fly Around My Pretty Little MissVarious Artists
8Ain't Got No Honey Baby NowElizabeth Cotton
9Darlin' Are You DreamingVarious Artists
10Oh Babe It Ain't No LieElizabeth Cotton
11FrankieMississippi John Hurt
12Betty & DupreeBrownie McGhee
13My Sweet Farm GirlVarious Artists
14Honey, Are You Mad At Your Man?Various Artists
15Rake & Rambling BoyJoan Baez
16New York GirlsVarious Artists
17Rock Me MommaWoody Guthrie
18Where Have All The Flowers GoneVarious Artists
19You're Gonna Miss Me (From Frankie And Johnny)Various Artists
20More Pretty Girls Than OneWoody Guthrie
21Oh, Miss MaryVarious Artists
22Lonesome DayWoody Guthrie
23Don't You Weep, MaryVarious Artists
24Wildwood FlowerJoan Baez
25Mary Was PrettyVarious Artists
26I Know You RiderJoan Baez
27Let's Get TogetherVarious Artists

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