Blues Essentials (1930-1934)
    • Blues Essentials (1930-1934)
    • Released in 2012
    • 30 Songs


    1Sitting On Top of the WorldMississippi Sheiks
    2The Jazz FiddlerMississippi Sheiks
    3Stop and Listen BluesMississippi Sheiks
    4Dead Wagon BluesMississippi Sheiks
    5I Can't Go WrongMississippi Sheiks
    6He Calls That ReligionMississippi Sheiks
    7It's Done Got WetMississippi Sheiks
    8She's Crazy About Her Lovin'Mississippi Sheiks
    9Living in a StrainMississippi Sheiks
    10I Got Blood in My Eyes for YouMississippi Sheiks
    11She's a Bad GirlMississippi Sheiks
    12Please Don't Wake It UpMississippi Sheiks
    13Sales TaxMississippi Sheiks
    14Hitting the NumbersMississippi Sheiks
    15She's Going to Her Lonesome GraveMississippi Sheiks
    16Unhappy BluesMississippi Sheiks
    17Your Good Man Caught the Train and GoneMississippi Sheiks
    18I Am the DevilMississippi Sheiks
    19The World Is Going WrongMississippi Sheiks
    20Shooting High DiceMississippi Sheiks
    21Fingering With Your FingersMississippi Sheiks
    22You'll Work Down to Me SomedayMississippi Sheiks
    23Bed Spring PokerMississippi Sheiks
    24Too LongMississippi Sheiks
    25Lean to One WomanMississippi Sheiks
    26Somebody's Got to Help MeMississippi Sheiks
    27Bootlegger's BluesMississippi Sheiks
    28Jake Leg BluesMississippi Sheiks
    29She's Got Something CrazyMississippi Sheiks
    30Kind TreatmentMississippi Sheiks

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