25 Years Of Disco-Pop

25 Years Of Disco-Pop

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  • 25 Years Of Disco-Pop


1You're My Heart, You're My SoulModern Talking
1TV Makes The Superstar (Radio Edit)Modern Talking
2Cheri Cheri LadyModern Talking
2Sexy Sexy Lover (Vocal Version)Modern Talking
3Brother LouieModern Talking
3You're My Heart, You're My Soul (New Version)Modern Talking
4Geronimo's CadillacModern Talking
4China In Her Eyes (Vocal Version)Modern Talking
5In 100 YearsModern Talking
5You Are Not AloneModern Talking
6Jet Airliner (Radio Version)Modern Talking
6Brother Louie (New Version)Modern Talking
7You Can Win If You Want (Special Single Remix)Modern Talking
7Don't Take Away My Heart (New Vocal Version)Modern Talking
8Just We Two (Mona Lisa)Modern Talking
8Ready For The Victory (Radio Version)Modern Talking
9Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love)Modern Talking
9Win The RaceModern Talking
10Sweet Little SheilaModern Talking
10Last Exit To BrooklynModern Talking
11One In A MillionModern Talking
11No Face No Name No NumberModern Talking
12Give Me Peace On EarthModern Talking
12MysteryModern Talking
13Keep Love Alive (Long Vocal Version)Modern Talking
13JulietModern Talking
14In 100 Years (Long Version - Future Mix)Modern Talking
14Higher Than Heaven (U-Max Mix)Modern Talking
15Brother Louie (Metro Club Mix)Modern Talking
15Space Mix '98Modern Talking
16Lucky Guy (Special-DJ-Mix)Ryan Simmons
17Your'e My Heart, Your'e My Soul (Paul Masterson's Extended Remix)Modern Talking

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