Nancy Wilson

You're so late getting home from the office, Did you miss your train?
Where you caught in the rain?
No, don't bother to explain.
Can I fix you a quick martini?

As a matter of fact
I'll have one with you,
For to tell you the truth
I've had quite a day too!

Guess who I saw today, my dear!
I went in town to shop around
For something new,
And thought I'd stop and have a bite

When I was through.
I looked around for someplace near,
And it occurred to me
Where I had parked the car,

There is a most attractive French cafe
And bar.
It really wasn't very far.
The waiter showed me to a dark,

Secluded corner,
And when my eyes became accustomed
To the gloom,
I saw two people at the bar

Who were so much in love,
That even I could spot it clear
Across the room.
Guess who I saw today, my dear!

I've never been so shocked before.
I headed blindly for the door.
They didn't see me passing through,

Guess who I saw today?
Guess who I saw today?
Guess who I saw today?
I saw you!

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