Natalie Cole

We used to be so very happy and we used to have so much fun
And we used to spend our time together, we were as close as anyone
I used to feel your every feeling, I was a part of your every dream

I'm not saying that you've thrown me aside, but oh that's just the way that it seems
So if Ive done anything that I shouldn't have done,
Wanna say I'm sorry, darling, I'm so sorry
And if I said anything that I shouldn't have said, I'm sorry, sorry, yeah
Now were just getting used to a brand new situation

And I found out that temptation just wont let ya do good
So we must sit down and talk and be for real to each other
Cause I don't want my love for you to be misunderstood
If Ive done anything that I shouldn't have done,
I'm sorry, oh baby, I'm so sorry, if I said anything that I shouldn't have said

(I'm sorry) I'm sorry, I'm sorry, oh lordy I'm so sorry
(sorry) sorry, sorry, hey (sorry), if Ive (if Ive done anything) done anything
I (that I shouldn't have done) shouldn't have done

(I'm sorry) I'm sorry, baby, I'm sorry, (if I said anything) if I, if I said anything I
(that I shouldn't have said) shouldn't have said well I'm so
(I'm sorry) sorry, sorry, sorry, (if Ive done anything)
I'm really, really sorry, baby, (that I shouldn't have done)

Ooh baby, I'm (I'm sorry) sorry, sorry, sorry, I'm (if I said anything) sorry, I'm sorry
(that I shouldn't have said) I'm so sorry, I'm sorry, sorry, really sorry
I'm so sorry, yeah, sorry, I'm so sorry, sorry

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