Let Me Get This Right - Ne-Yo
Hmmm hmmm
Hmmm hmmm
It's so creative

Now I don't wanna jump the gun or Misunderstand anyone but I think baby you Have been feeling something lately (well)
I know we got a understanding you ain't my girl I Ain't your man but I think baby you have been Feeling this thing changing (yea)

Feelings I got for you couldn't dry its the truth but You want something new baby(baby)
We got a simple thing but its about to change Or will it stay the same maybe(maybe)
No matter what the road I pass still as a load Of loves and lust and that much trust
But I am saying this can't be us
Let me get this right

Girl you want us to be official make this thing For real (hey)
You for real?
Baby let me know
Let me get this right you wanna make me the Happiest man in the world is that the deal (Yea)
Girl for real
Baby please be sure
Let me get this right

I know I heard you
But come again please
It's what I want
Exactly what I need

Hard to believe
That we're both on the same page
Hmm, throw away my black book
Think I'm jumping that

Look you took long enuogh to come into my life (Hey)
Are you feeling what I feel girl yeah yea

[Pre Chorus]


Hmm hmm ohhh ooh yeah
Aw baby aw baby (baby let me get this right) Ohhh
Hmm hmm hey
Oh oh yea yea yea yea yeeah
Let me get this right


Baby let me get this right
La da da

Written by SMITH, SHAFFER / , Y
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group

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