New York Dolls

As I was lyin' in a hospital bed
A rock 'n' roll nurse went into my head
She says, hold ya arm, stick out ya tongue
I gots some pills I'm gonna give you some

She went into my head, into my head
A rock 'n' roll nurse, went into my head
Into my head, into my head
While I was lyin' in a hospital bed

A little pill for my legs, but that didn't ache
I tried some pills for my heart, but a little to late
Gots some pills for my love, to put me at ease
That's when a rock 'n' roll nurse shook me down to my knees


(I got the rock n roll nurse)

Nursey nursey, I don't see
Well I don't understand what your doin' to me
Said ya give me tha pills, then ya give me the shot
Got me wonderin' what is worse I got


(I got the rock 'n' roll nurse
She's a makin' it worse
Keep shootin' it right
To my head)

Doctor doctor! Run here and see
I don't think the job the nurse is givin' me
Gives me the shots, gives me the pills
Got me takin' this junk, against my wills


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