Cowardy Custard
    • Cowardy Custard
    • Released in 2013
    • 26 Songs


    1Opening MedleyOriginal London Festival Cast of Cowardy Custard
    1Excerpts from Critics / Why Must the Show Go On?Cowardy Custard Ensemble
    2LouisaOlivia Breeze;Patricia Routledge;John Moffat
    2London SequenceCowardy Custard Ensemble;Anna Sharkey;Derek Waring;Una Stubbs;Patricia Routledge;John Moffat;Elaine Delmar
    3Mad About the Boy (From "Words and Music")Patricia Routledge;Una Stubbs;Anna Sharkey;Elaine Delmar
    3Return to London, 1941Derek Waring
    4The Stately Homes of England (From "Operette")Jonathan Cecil;Tudor Davies;John Moffat;Derek Waring
    4There Are Bad Times Just Around the Corner (From "The Globe Revue")Peter Gale;John Moffat;Derek Waring
    5Twentieth Century Blues (From "Cavalcade")Elaine Delmar
    5Alice Is at It AgainTudor Davies;Una Stubbs
    6I Went to a Marvellous Party (From "Set to Music")Patricia Routledge
    6Travel SequenceOriginal London Festival Cast of Cowardy Custard
    7The Magic of an Empty TheatreJohn Moffat
    7Mad Dogs and Englishmen (From "Words and Music")Elaine Delmar
    8AuditionsDerek Waring
    8Nina (From "Sigh No More")John Moffat
    9Mrs. WorthingtonJohn Moffat
    9I Like America (From "Ace of Clubs")Peter Gale
    10Bronxville Darby and Joan (From "Sail Away")Patricia Routledge;John Moffat
    11Darjeeling (From "South Sea Bubble")Jonathan Cecil;Laurel Ford
    12I Wonder What Happened to Him? (From "Sigh No More")Jonathan Cecil;Tudor Davies;John Moffat;Derek Waring
    13Miss Mouse (From "Waiting in the Wings")Una Stubbs
    14Let's Do ItGeoffrey Burridge;Jonathan Cecil;Tudor Davies;Peter Gale;John Moffat;Derek Waring
    15Last WordsUna Stubbs;John Moffat
    16The Boy ActorJohn Moffat
    17Closing MedleyOriginal London Festival Cast of Cowardy Custard

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