Song And Dance
    • Song And Dance
    • Released in 2006
    • 42 Songs


    1OvertureHarry Rabinowitz
    1Introduction And ThemeOrchestra
    2Let Me FinishMarti Webb
    2Variations 1-4Orchestra
    3It's Not The End Of The World (If I Lose Him)Marti Webb
    3Variation 5Andrew Lloyd Webber
    4Variation 6Orchestra
    4Letter Home To EnglandHarry Rabinowitz
    5Variation 7Orchestra
    5Sheldon BloomHarry Rabinowitz
    6Variation 8Orchestra
    6Capped Teeth And Caesar SaladHarry Rabinowitz
    7Variation 9Orchestra
    7You Made Me Think You Were In LoveHarry Rabinowitz
    8Variation 10Orchestra
    8Capped Teeth And Caesar SaladHarry Rabinowitz
    9It's Not The End Of The World (If He's Younger)Harry Rabinowitz
    9Variation 11 And 12Andrew Lloyd Webber
    10Variation 13 And 14Andrew Lloyd Webber
    10Second Letter HomeHarry Rabinowitz
    11Variation 15Andrew Lloyd Webber
    11The Last Man In My LifeHarry Rabinowitz
    12Variation 15½Andrew Lloyd Webber
    12Come Back With The Same Look In Your EyesHarry Rabinowitz
    13Take That Look Off Your FaceMarti Webb
    13Variation 16Orchestra
    14Tell Me On A SundayMarti Webb
    14Variation 13 And 14 (Varied)Andrew Lloyd Webber
    15I Love New YorkHarry Rabinowitz
    15Variation 17Orchestra
    16Married ManHarry Rabinowitz
    16Variation 18Orchestra
    17Variation 19 And 20Andrew Lloyd Webber
    17I'm Very You, You're Very MeHarry Rabinowitz
    18Variation 5 (Varied)Andrew Lloyd Webber
    18Let's Talk About YouHarry Rabinowitz
    19Let Me FinishHarry Rabinowitz
    19Variation 22 And 23Andrew Lloyd Webber
    20Nothing Like You've Ever KnownHarry Rabinowitz
    20Song - When You Want To Fall In LoveAndrew Lloyd Webber
    21DanceAndrew Lloyd Webber
    21Let Me FinishMarti Webb

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