African-American Composers of the 20thCentury
    • African-American Composers of the 20thCentury
    • Released in 2001
    • 36 Songs


    1Go Down MosesOral Moses
    2There are Angels hoverin' roundOral Moses
    3Oh Mary what you gonna call your pretty little babyOral Moses
    4JeanOral Moses
    5He met her in the meadowOral Moses
    6Sometimes I feel like a motherless ChildOral Moses
    7I don't feel no ways tiredOral Moses
    8Zion HallelujahOral Moses
    9WitnessOral Moses
    10Swing dat HammerOral Moses
    11Songs of Separation: IdolatryOral Moses
    12Songs of Separation: PoêmeOral Moses
    13Songs of Separation: PartedOral Moses
    14Songs of Separation: If you should goOral Moses
    15Songs of Separation: A black PierrotOral Moses
    16He's got the whole World in His handOral Moses
    17Water BoyOral Moses
    18Borderline: BorderlineOral Moses
    19Borderline: NightOral Moses
    20Borderline: DustbowlOral Moses
    21Borderline: BurdenOral Moses
    22Borderline: OneOral Moses
    23Borderline: Beale StreetOral Moses
    24Borderline: GiftsOral Moses
    25Borderline: CirclesOral Moses
    26Borderline: GraveyardOral Moses
    27Borderline: ConventOral Moses
    28Borderline: Poppy FlowerOral Moses
    29Borderline: Gypsy MelodiesOral Moses
    30Borderline: MontmartreOral Moses
    31Borderline: FragmentsOral Moses
    32Borderline: DesertOral Moses
    33Borderline: The EndOral Moses
    34It' Me O LordOral Moses
    35This little light of MineOral Moses
    36AmenOral Moses

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