Cats & Kittens
    • Cats & Kittens
    • Released in 2003
    • 18 Songs


    1Morning: Cat's and kittens venture out into the gardenOur World's Sounds
    2Morning: Nothing like a good washOur World's Sounds
    3Morning: The kittens demand some attention from a contented purring motherOur World's Sounds
    4Morning: The discovery of a full cat-dishOur World's Sounds
    5Morning: Satisfaction is a full tummy and another good washOur World's Sounds
    6Afternoon: The day warms up, time for a little something maybeOur World's Sounds
    7Afternoon: Biscuits! Purrr...fectOur World's Sounds
    8Afternoon: The Dove Cot. Puss will never catch one,...Our World's Sounds
    9Afternoon: Mother and kittens settle down for a warm napOur World's Sounds
    10Afternoon: The wind rustles through the trees,...Our World's Sounds
    11Afternoon: One of the kittens wants to play tooOur World's Sounds
    12Afternoon: Puss decides he's hungry again and calls at the back doorOur World's Sounds
    13Afternoon: Playing about in the leaves attracts their friend...Our World's Sounds
    14Afternoon: Puss gets lucky and food is brought out for all of them...Our World's Sounds
    15Bad Weather: It starts to rain. Time to gather up the kittens...Our World's Sounds
    16Bad Weather: Bliss is a warm fire to curl up in front ofOur World's Sounds
    17Bad Weather: As the rain beats on the window...Our World's Sounds
    18Back in the garden: The rain stopped. It's a bit windy,...Our World's Sounds

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