On the Farm

On the Farm

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1The cockrels announce the start of the day.Various Artists
2The hens wander out into the farm's courtyard.Various Artists
3The goat.Various Artists
4The farmdog takes a drink from the stone trough, sniffs and sneezes.Various Artists
5The cowshed.Various Artists
6Fresh straw is spread out for the animals.Various Artists
7The pigshed.Various Artists
8Piglets.Various Artists
9The hens and adult pigs are fed.Various Artists
10The donkeys.Various Artists
11The horses.Various Artists
12The cows are moved to a different field.Various Artists
13Goats on the hillside.Various Artists
14The sheep field.Various Artists
15Ducks and geese chase about down at the stream.Various Artists
16Duck on the lake.Various Artists
17Ducklings explore the waters edge.Various Artists
18Woodpigeons coo in the nearby woods as the animals snooze in the heat of the afternoon. Goats, cows, sheep, and horses mill about in the fields.Various Artists
19The farm prepares for the coming night. New bedding is laid in the sheds.Various Artists
20The pigs are put inside.Various Artists
21The hens are rounded up into the old barn.Various Artists
22Dusk begins to fall and the birds sing to announce the end of the day.Various Artists
23The cowshed is prepared for milking-time and all the animals start settling for the coming night.Various Artists

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