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1Seals call out across the ocean swell.Our World's Sounds
2Sea lions and sea elephants attend to their pups on a breeding island.Our World's Sounds
3Seals busy themselves on a pebble beachOur World's Sounds
4Underwater splashes. The blowholes of nearing whalesOur World's Sounds
5A passing dolphin chirps. Seals call in the background from their island.Our World's Sounds
6Sea lions, sea elephants and a few walrus' mumble and argue in a crowded colony.Our World's Sounds
7A seal barks at the beluga -, sperm -, killer - and humpback whales that navigate the waters of the island. The whales are diving under and re-surfacing.Our World's Sounds
8WhalesongOur World's Sounds
9The seals continue to claim their favorite portions of the beach.Our World's Sounds
10Bottlenose dolphins and killer whales comminicate by click sounding messages.Our World's Sounds
11The large colony of seal-pups beg for food from their busy parents.Our World's Sounds
12Whales and dolphins are diving deep down underwater to hunt fish. The dolphins work in groups using their sonar and air bubbles to detect and trap the fish.Our World's Sounds
13A seal swims by quickly and leaps out onto a rocky isle.Our World's Sounds
14Seals bark at the whales that have come near to shore, their blowholes spouting in the shallows.Our World's Sounds
15The whales call to each other in the surf.Our World's Sounds
16A minor territorial dispute breaks out between a few sea lions.Our World's Sounds
17Underwater; waves roll overhead, bubbles foaming and gurgling to the surface. Dolphins communicate in the murky depths.Our World's Sounds
18Back at the surface, seals returns with food for their young. Leaping out of the water at great speed.Our World's Sounds
19Seals thrash about in the water catching fish.Our World's Sounds
20Driven by the winds, strong surf rolls up the pebble beach. The pups settle close to their parents once more and the whales leave in search of new feeding grounds.Our World's Sounds

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