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Live '57

Live '57

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1Hoedowns - Leather Britches / Sally GoodinPete Seeger
2KumbayaPete Seeger
3Arkansas TravelerPete Seeger
4Treat My Daughter KindlyPete Seeger
5Conversation with a MulePete Seeger
6Theme from Goofin' off SuitePete Seeger
7Letter to EvePete Seeger
8Let Me Take a RidePete Seeger
9Hold On (Keep Your Hand on the Plow)Pete Seeger
10She Moves Through the FairPete Seeger
11John RileyPete Seeger
12Ballad of Marney GrahamPete Seeger
13Bard of ArmaghPete Seeger
14There Is Mean Things HappeningPete Seeger
15The Dodger SongPete Seeger
16Sinner ManPete Seeger
17AbiyoyoPete Seeger
18Dink's SongPete Seeger
19Poisoning the Students' MindsPete Seeger
20Teacher's BluesPete Seeger
21Great Getting up MorningPete Seeger
22Roll on ColumbiaPete Seeger
23Reuben JamesPete Seeger
24Clean-OPete Seeger
25The Ladies' AuxiliaryPete Seeger
26The Butcher's BoyPete Seeger
27Tina SinguPete Seeger
28The Demi SongPete Seeger
29Queen Anne FrontPete Seeger
30Twelve Gates to the CityPete Seeger
31Hey ZhankoyePete Seeger
32Los Quatros GeneralasPete Seeger
33Green CornPete Seeger
34Bourgeouis BluesPete Seeger
35Careless LovePete Seeger
36On Ilkley Moor Baht AtPete Seeger

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