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Nice Up The Dance - UK Bubblers 1984-87

Nice Up The Dance - UK Bubblers 1984-87

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  • Nice Up The Dance - UK Bubblers 1984-87


1Hello DarlingTippa Irie
1Just A SpeakVarious Artists
2You're My SugarDeborahe Glasgow
2No No WayVarious Artists
3I Found LoveAnnette B
3Riddle BubbleVarious Artists
4Don't Leave Me LonelyPeter Spence
4Lyric BantanVarious Artists
5Knight In Shining ArmourDeborahe Glasgow
5It's Good To Have The Feeling You're The BestTippa Irie
6All The Time The Lyric A RhymeTippa Irie
6CasanovaAnnette B
7Mash Up The TellyPato Banton
7Going To A PartyVarious Artists
8Put Back Your TruncheonVarious Artists
8No RegretsVarious Artists
9Don't Stay AwayDeborahe Glasgow
9Take A Tip From MeVarious Artists
10Runaway WomanVarious Artists
10Satisfaction GuaranteedVarious Artists
11Walk Pon The SpotVarious Artists
11Tears Of A ClownVarious Artists
12Gunshot SaluteVarious Artists
12Don't Sniff CokePato Banton
13Rude BoysVarious Artists
13Cocaine Mash Up Your BrainVarious Artists
14Yip Yap RabbitVarious Artists
14Worries & TroublesVarious Artists
15Blind DateVarious Artists
15Roger The DodgerVarious Artists
16Secret Thunderbird DrinkerPato Banton
16769 1230Tippa Irie
17VibesVarious Artists
17Dance Down A YardTippa Irie
18Have You Got A NeighbourTippa Irie
18Dance Up A LeedsTippa Irie

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