Songs From The South
    • Songs From The South
    • Released in 2011
    • 40 Songs


    1Nothing On My MindPaul Kelly
    1From St Kilda to Kings CrossPaul Kelly
    2Leaps and BoundsPaul Kelly
    2I'll Be Your LoverPaul Kelly
    3Before Too LongPaul Kelly
    3Love LetterPaul Kelly
    4Our SunshinePaul Kelly
    4Darling It HurtsPaul Kelly
    5Look So Fine, Feel So LowPaul Kelly
    5Gathering StormPaul Kelly
    6Dumb ThingsPaul Kelly
    6Every Fuking CityPaul Kelly
    7Be Careful What You Pray ForPaul Kelly
    7To Her DoorPaul Kelly
    8Love Is the LawPaul Kelly
    8BradmanPaul Kelly
    9If I Could Start Today AgainPaul Kelly
    9Everything's Turning to WhitePaul Kelly
    10Sweet GuyPaul Kelly
    10The Oldest Story In the BookPaul Kelly
    11Won't You Come AroundPaul Kelly
    11CarelessPaul Kelly
    12GunnamattaPaul Kelly
    12Winter CoatPaul Kelly
    13Your Lovin' Is On My MindPaul Kelly
    13From Little Things Big Things GrowPaul Kelly
    14When I First Met Your MaPaul Kelly
    14Song Of the Old RakePaul Kelly
    15Pouring Petrol On a Burning ManPaul Kelly
    15They Thought I Was AsleepPaul Kelly
    16Love Never Runs On TimePaul Kelly
    16Everybody Loves You BabyPaul Kelly
    17God Told Me ToPaul Kelly
    17Song From the Sixteenth FloorPaul Kelly
    18You're 39, You're Beautiful and You're MinePaul Kelly
    18Deeper WaterPaul Kelly
    19Thoughts In the Middle Of the NightPaul Kelly
    19Give In to My LovePaul Kelly
    20Shane WarnePaul Kelly
    20How to Make GravyPaul Kelly

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