Bust A Groove - DJ Sample Collection
    • Bust A Groove - DJ Sample Collection
    • Released in 2010
    • 39 Songs


    1Sexy SaxPaul Oakenfold
    2Swing ItPaul Oakenfold
    3Jazzy VibePaul Oakenfold
    4Stoned AgainPaul Oakenfold
    5BlastPaul Oakenfold
    6It's A Def JamPaul Oakenfold
    7Jazzy ShadesPaul Oakenfold
    8Brixton GroovesPaul Oakenfold
    9You'll RockPaul Oakenfold
    10Magic ManPaul Oakenfold
    11Helter SkelterPaul Oakenfold
    12Chelsea HillPaul Oakenfold
    13Way Of The StreetPaul Oakenfold
    14Future FunkPaul Oakenfold
    15This Should Be Played At High VolumePaul Oakenfold
    16This Is LondonPaul Oakenfold
    17Sit Tight And Listen Clearly While I Play For You A Musical BiscuitPaul Oakenfold
    18Drop The BeatPaul Oakenfold
    19Do You Like Music? Why Don't You Put A Record OnPaul Oakenfold
    20Only Way To Settle This Arguement Is To Play Russian RoulettePaul Oakenfold
    21Hold The Gun To Your HeadPaul Oakenfold
    22I'm A DJ KillerPaul Oakenfold
    23What Kind Of Joint Is This Man. It's A Heavy Joint ManPaul Oakenfold
    24Cut It UpPaul Oakenfold
    25Turn It UpPaul Oakenfold
    26Let's GoPaul Oakenfold
    27Rocking The BeatPaul Oakenfold
    28Hip HopPaul Oakenfold
    29Kick That ShitPaul Oakenfold
    30Will Be BackPaul Oakenfold
    31Put That Record Back OnPaul Oakenfold
    32VibesPaul Oakenfold
    33SAXPaul Oakenfold
    34WhistlesPaul Oakenfold
    35KeysPaul Oakenfold
    36Jump Jump A Little HigherPaul Oakenfold
    37Dup DupPaul Oakenfold
    38Pad 60'sPaul Oakenfold
    39GuitarPaul Oakenfold

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