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Paul Robeson. Ol' Man River - His 56 Finest 1925-1945

Paul Robeson. Ol' Man River - His 56 Finest 1925-1945

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1Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?Paul Robeson
1Ol' Man RiverPaul Robeson
2The Lonesome RoadPaul Robeson
2Blue PreludePaul Robeson
3The St. Louis BluesPaul Robeson
3I Still Suits MePaul Robeson
4Steal AwayPaul Robeson
4I Aint' Lazy, I'm Just Dreamin'Paul Robeson
5The Banjo SongPaul Robeson
5Joshua Fit De Battle Ob JerichoPaul Robeson
6Water BoyPaul Robeson
6Love SongPaul Robeson
7Congo LullabyPaul Robeson
7Swing Low, Sweet ChariotPaul Robeson
8The Canoe SongPaul Robeson
8Deep RiverPaul Robeson
9ShenandoahPaul Robeson
9Git On Board, Li'l ChillunPaul Robeson
10Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless ChildPaul Robeson
10Dere's No Hidin' Place Down DerePaul Robeson
11Mighty Lak' A RosePaul Robeson
11Climbing UpPaul Robeson
12All Through The NightPaul Robeson
12The Old Folks At HomePaul Robeson
13Mood IndigoPaul Robeson
13My Old Kentucky HomePaul Robeson
14River, Stay 'Way From My DoorPaul Robeson
14SummertimePaul Robeson
15It Ain't Necessarily SoPaul Robeson
15Rockin' ChairPaul Robeson
16Just A-Wearyin' For YouPaul Robeson
16Go Down, MosesPaul Robeson
17Mary Had A Baby, Yes LordPaul Robeson
17At DawningPaul Robeson
18Bear De BurdenPaul Robeson
18The Song of the Volga BoatmenPaul Robeson
19All God's Chillun Got WingsPaul Robeson
19An Eriskay Love LiltPaul Robeson
20TreesPaul Robeson
20When It's Sleepy Time Down SouthPaul Robeson
21Songs My Mother Taught MePaul Robeson
21Mah Lindy LouPaul Robeson
22JerusalemPaul Robeson
22Ma Curley-Headed BabyPaul Robeson
23The Cobbler's SongPaul Robeson
23Got The South In My SoulPaul Robeson
24Carry Me Back To Green PasturesPaul Robeson
24A Perfect DayPaul Robeson
25SylviaPaul Robeson
25LazybonesPaul Robeson
26King JoePaul Robeson
26Fat Li'l Feller Wid His Mammy's EyesPaul Robeson
27Nobody Knows The Trouble I've SeenPaul Robeson
27Shortnin' BreadPaul Robeson
28Wagon WheelsPaul Robeson
29Little Man, You've Had A Busy DayPaul Robeson

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