Words Like Freedom
    • Words Like Freedom
    • Released in 2008
    • 26 Songs


    1Growing Up in Princeton, NJ (Interview with Elsa Knight Thompson)Paul Robeson
    2I Come from a Slave Father (Speech for Marine Cooks & Stewards Convention)Paul Robeson
    3It's Time We Woke Up (Australian recording, 1961)Paul Robeson
    4Oneness of Mankind (Peace Arch)Paul Robeson
    5To the People of Manchester (Excerpt from Here I Stand)Paul Robeson
    6Proof of the Pudding (From It's Good to be Back by Freedomways 1965)Paul Robeson
    7Freedom for the People of Africa (Interview in Oakland)Paul Robeson
    8To My Friends in the Bay Area (Message to the Bay Area)Paul Robeson
    9Passport StatementPaul Robeson
    10Huac Hearing (June 12, 1956)Paul Robeson
    11Power of Negro Action (Interview with Elsa Knight Thompson)Paul Robeson
    12Communists (Harlem Speech 1949)Paul Robeson
    13We've Got to Unify (Interview with Elsa Knight Thompson)Paul Robeson
    14Impatient (Interview with Sid Rogers)Paul Robeson
    15Freedom Train (Welsh Transatlantic Concert)Paul Robeson
    16Black Militancy (Interview with Elsa Knight Thompson)Paul Robeson
    17Lesser Evil (Speech for Progressive Party)Paul Robeson
    18Deep South (Speech for Henry Wallace)Paul Robeson
    19Hands on the Plough (Speech to MCS Union)Paul Robeson
    20Children Bearing the Burden (San Francisco Speech)Paul Robeson
    21Fighting for a Peaceful World (Taped Message to MCS)Paul Robeson
    22Never Been So Proud (Live Speech to MCS)Paul Robeson
    23Older Paul (Freedomways Event)Paul Robeson
    24Fruits of Our Labors (Taped Speech to MCS Union)Paul Robeson
    25Art is a Weapon (Interview with Elsa Knight Thompson)Paul Robeson
    26MezclaPaul Robeson

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