Wake Up Screaming (Album Version)

Wake Up Screaming (Album Version)

Paul Stanley

In a bed in my room
All wrapped up in my own cocoon
In my head I see you
Like I'm stuck in a déja-vu

And it's always the same mind games
It's a dangerous situation, insane
It's a warp on my soul and I've lost all control

When I'm all alone and I dream of you
I wake up, I wake up screaming
9-1-1, no one hears my cries
I break up, I wake up screaming

Why must I grieve
For a lie that I still believe
It's a waste, what a sin
It's a fight I can never win

Anywhere that I go, you go
Baby, even in my own reflection, you show
Like a ghost by my side with a hold on my mind


(solo) Ooh-ooooh...

On and on
I'm running in slow motion
'Till the dawn
When the morning saves me...


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