I'm Clean [feat. Z-Ro] (Amended Album Version) (Amended Album Version)

I'm Clean [feat. Z-Ro] (Amended Album Version) (Amended Album Version)



(Z-ro) Bitch I'm clean that's all I know 'cause yo mama and yo gal told me so/bitch I'm clean that's all I know you can see my pinky ring shinin that's fo sho/bitch I'm clean that's all I know and I'm ridin in the drop real slow/bitch I'm clean that's all I know when I pass by watch they mouth strike a pose

verse Z-ro

Lord have mercy man I'm so clean
Like oil of olay and irish spring
And I feel nothin 'cause I'm a one man team
What the fuck I'm a smile fo my mug stay mean
You can by a denali wit da diamonds in my mouth
You can by an apartment wit da diamonds on my wrist
I been screwed up click ever since 96'
Z-ro the crooked and paul wall up in this bitch
In da aston martin outside
Seein sumbody baby momma gon' take a rid
I'm rollin on cigarillo afta cigarillo afta cigarillo
Goddammit I'm high
Orford dodger jeans orford dodger shirt and da shoes to match goddamit I'm fly can't 4 get 3rd coast customs got da van lookin like a slice of blueberry pie
And I luv vegetables in fact I'm wearin 70 karats aroun my neck
And 11 mo aroun my finger but who countin anyway I'm tryna cash my publishin check
I'm rollin on 84's and vogues 20 inches above the ground
I keep 10,000 in a briefcase wit me in case I ever go outta town
You keep it real wit me I keep it real wit you
And don't waste my time 'cause I got shit to do
If its important then I'm a really get wit you
But be patient 'cause I got sum mo shit to do
I'm steppin ova hatas in my brown and beige gators
My shoulda slap up under my blazer
And if I do say so myself I'm sharper than a razor


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