Paul Wall

[Jermaine Dupri]
Y'all know what this is

When I'm on that beat, I'm a beast
I ain't never came through
Got a mouth full of diamonds
You can hardly hear me speak
Especially when it shine like dis (dis)
It's that H-Town, baby, and you know what is
I'm throwed
Got Styrofoam cup full of bar
I'm throwed
Four deep in my old school car
I'm throwed
Show Cali why I'm bangin' this crew
It's the Ice Man, baby, and you know what it do
I'm throwed

[Paul Wall]
Fresher than a fruit bowl
Leanin' like a gas gauge
Straight up off the doors, freestylin' like hair braids
Makin' that candy dance, I'm throwed off the Cali plants
I'm pressin' on his knee, crawlin' down like fire ants
I'm higher than a trance, I'm sharper than a star's pants
Stackin' Franklin and Grants from south bank to spring grass
I'm posted like a stamp with my mind on cash
I'm wheel grippin' and still tippin' Brandi wine on glass
I got a screen and a dash, a quarter tank full of gas
Smokin' that puff puff pass, throwed; I hope I don't crash
Rippin' the Swisha glass, so I'm flyer than a mockingbird
Throwed, and I'm old game, cold as a iceberg


[Paul Wall]
Now, to broads I'm a sharp-shooter like Steve Kerr
Flash the wrists, 'cause a blur
Fox fur and flyin' spur
Undisputed for sure
So I'm collectin' these dimes
Name and number lil' momma 'cause it's checkout time
I'm slidin' on glass threes, inhalin' trees
Pack protection 'cause player hatin' spread like STD's
I'm cool as a ocean breeze; like Chester, I'm chasin' cheese
I'm stangin' like buzzin' bees, on softly with cheese
Screens fall like all them leaves, makes the TV's rain
Take a picture if you please; yeah, my wrist is insane
Dirty can, diamond chain, so fallin' is off the chain
Mind frame, I'm stackin' change
I'm so throwed in the game


[Paul Wall]
I'm throwed in the game
I'm pourin' that purple sprite, and I'm searchin' for broads
Paper stackin' so my money stretch like extension chords
I'm a wide bod rocker in a four on them choppers
I'm on the grind stackin' up my mail like the post office
Movin' at slow pace with T Fair as my ace
Cup full of expensive taste, open mouth and showcase
I'm throwed up with screens hangin', swangin', breakin' his trust
We pourin' up in them cups; that stuff got me leanin' tough
Hold up
I'm caked up so all the boppers attract
I got 'em like a softer pal out there runnin' the track
Pullin' capers, makin' paper stacks fly as a dove
A bread breaker, taste maker, baby
Holla at ya love, I'm throwed


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