Look At Me Now [Screwed] (feat. Yung Chill)

Look At Me Now [Screwed] (feat. Yung Chill)

Yung Chill

Take a look at me.
Take a look at me now.
Take a look.

(Verse 1)
Once upon a time, not too long ago
Down in the great state of Texas where we live life slow
I was born amongst poverty, I had no dough
Motivated by a dream with some hustle and flow
My paper was never long but my ambition was strong
Followin Gods path, I could never go wrong
I took a road less traveled and I got a few scrapes
But the journey was all worth it just to get that cake
Mama told me I would make it, some fools just laughed
But I remembered how The Bible say "The first shall be last."
And even thought all the teams skipped over me in the draft
I ignored all the haters and perfected my craft
Times change, and nowadays to me it seem funny
The same people hatin, callin me up to borrow money
But I hold no grudge, I just forgave and forgot
I guess that's the reason I made it to the top
Take a look at me now...

Haters said that I would never get this paper
But Ima see my money regardless
Got the soul of a hustla
When it comes to gettin my bread...
...Im heartless
Take a look at me now
Take a look at me now
Take a look at me now
Take a look at me now
Take a look at me now

(verse 2)

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