Hit Parade Box Set
    • Hit Parade Box Set
    • Released in 2009
    • 67 Songs


    1Into TomorrowPaul Weller
    1Brand New StartPaul Weller
    1In The CityThe Jam
    1Speak Like A ChildThe Style Council
    2He's The KeeperPaul Weller
    2Money-Go-Round (Parts 1 & 2)The Style Council
    2All Around The WorldThe Jam
    2Uh Huh Oh Yeh! (Always There To Fool You!)Paul Weller
    3Long Hot SummerThe Style Council
    3Above The CloudsPaul Weller
    3The Modern WorldThe Jam
    3Sweet Pea, My Sweet PeaPaul Weller
    4News Of The WorldThe Jam
    4It’s Written In The StarsPaul Weller
    4SunflowerPaul Weller
    4A Solid Bond In Your HeartThe Style Council
    5Wild WoodPaul Weller
    5Leafy MysteriesPaul Weller
    5My Ever Changing MoodsThe Style Council
    5David WattsThe Jam
    6The BottlePaul Weller
    6'A' Bomb In Wardour StreetThe Jam
    6The WeaverPaul Weller
    6You're The Best ThingThe Style Council
    7Down In The Tube Station At MidnightThe Jam
    7The Big Boss GrooveThe Style Council
    7Hung UpPaul Weller
    7Wishing On A StarPaul Weller
    8Out Of The SinkingPaul Weller
    8Thinking Of YouPaul Weller
    8Shout To The TopThe Style Council
    8Strange TownThe Jam
    9Early Morning RainPaul Weller
    9When You're YoungThe Jam
    9The ChangingmanPaul Weller
    9Walls Come Tumbling DownThe Style Council
    10You Do Something To MePaul Weller
    10From The Floorboards UpPaul Weller
    10The Eton RiflesThe Jam
    10Come To Milton KeynesThe Style Council
    11Going UndergroundThe Jam
    11Come On/Let's GoPaul Weller
    11Broken StonesPaul Weller
    11The Lodgers (Or She Was Only A Shopkeeper's Daughter)The Style Council
    12The Dreams Of ChildrenThe Jam
    12Here's The Good NewsPaul Weller
    12Have You Ever Had It BlueThe Style Council
    12Peacock SuitPaul Weller
    13Blink And You'll Miss ItPaul Weller
    13Start!The Jam
    13It Didn't MatterThe Style Council
    13BrushedPaul Weller
    14Friday StreetPaul Weller
    14That's EntertainmentThe Jam
    14WaitingThe Style Council
    15Funeral PyreThe Jam
    15MermaidsPaul Weller
    15Wanted (Or Waiter, There's Some Soup In My Flies)The Style Council
    16Life At A Top Peoples Health FarmThe Style Council
    16Absolute BeginnersThe Jam
    17How She Threw It All AwayThe Style Council
    17Town Called MaliceThe Jam
    18PreciousThe Jam
    18Promised LandThe Style Council
    19Just Who Is The 5 O'Clock Hero?The Jam
    20The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)The Jam
    21Beat SurrenderThe Jam

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