Paul Weller
    • Paul Weller
    • Released in 2009
    • 37 Songs


    1Uh Huh Oh Yeh! (Always There To Fool You!)Paul Weller
    1All Year RoundPaul Weller
    2I Didn't Mean To Hurt YouPaul Weller
    2Feeling AlrightPaul Weller
    3Bull-RushPaul Weller
    3Hot Rod - Bath DemoPaul Weller
    4Round & RoundPaul Weller
    4I Didn't Mean To Hurt YouPaul Weller
    5Remember How We StartedPaul Weller
    5Bull RushPaul Weller
    6Above The CloudsPaul Weller
    6Round & RoundPaul Weller
    7CluesPaul Weller
    7Remember How We StartedPaul Weller
    8Into TomorrowPaul Weller
    8CluesPaul Weller
    9Amongst Butterflies / Arrival TimePaul Weller
    9Into TomorrowPaul Weller
    10The Strange MuseumPaul Weller
    10ButterfliesPaul Weller
    11Bitterness RisingPaul Weller
    11Bitterness RisingPaul Weller
    12KosmosPaul Weller
    12KosmosPaul Weller
    13Here's A New ThingPaul Weller
    13New ThingPaul Weller
    14That Spiritual FeelingPaul Weller
    14Fly On The WallPaul Weller
    15Into TomorrowPaul Weller
    15The Bitter TruthPaul Weller
    16Arrival TimePaul Weller
    16Amongst ButterfliesPaul Weller
    17Fly On The WallPaul Weller
    17Abraham, Martin & JohnPaul Weller
    18Always There To Fool YouPaul Weller
    18KosmosPaul Weller
    19Everything Has A Price To PayPaul Weller

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