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American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 1

American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 1

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1John HenryPete Seeger
2ShenandoahPete Seeger
3Blue Tailed Fly (Jimmie Crack Corn)Pete Seeger
4Black GirlPete Seeger
5Skip to My LouPete Seeger
6The Big Rock Candy MountainPete Seeger
7ClementinePete Seeger
8Yankee DoodlePete Seeger
9Home on the RangePete Seeger
10John Brown's BodyPete Seeger
11Goodnight, IrenePete Seeger
12Swing Low, Sweet ChariotPete Seeger
13Oh, SusannaPete Seeger
14Wayfaring StrangerPete Seeger
15Oh, Mary, Don't You WeepPete Seeger
16Down in the ValleyPete Seeger
17The Wabash CannonballPete Seeger
18On Top of Old SmokyPete Seeger
19Frankie and JohnnyPete Seeger
20I Ride an Old PaintPete Seeger
21The Wreck of the Old 97Pete Seeger
22Wagoner's LadPete Seeger
23Old Dan TuckerPete Seeger
24I've Been Working on the RailroadPete Seeger
25Cielito LindoPete Seeger
26So Long, It's Been Good to Know You (Dusty Old Dust)Pete Seeger
27America the BeautifulPete Seeger
28This Land is Your LandPete Seeger

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