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Scoop 3

Scoop 3

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1Can You See The Real MePete Townshend
1Prelude 970519Pete Townshend
2Dirty WaterPete Townshend
2Iron Man RecitativePete Townshend
3Commonwealth BoysPete Townshend
3Tough BoysPete Townshend
4Did You Steal My Money?Pete Townshend
4Theme 015Pete Townshend
5Marty RobbinsPete Townshend
5Can You Really Dance?Pete Townshend
6Variations On Dirty JobsPete Townshend
6I Like It The Way It IsPete Townshend
7Theme 016Pete Townshend
7All Lovers Are DerangedPete Townshend
8ElephantsPete Townshend
8No Way Out (However Much I Booze)Pete Townshend
9Wired To The Moon, Pt. 2Pete Townshend
9CollingsPete Townshend
10How Can You Do It AlonePete Townshend
10ParvardigarPete Townshend
11Sea And SandPete Townshend
11Poem DisturbedPete Townshend
12971104 Arpeggio PianoPete Townshend
12Squirm SquirmPete Townshend
13Outlive The DinosaurPete Townshend
13Theme 017Pete Townshend
14TeresaPete Townshend
14I Am AfraidPete Townshend
15Maxims For LunchPete Townshend
15Man And MachinesPete Townshend
16It's In YaPete Townshend
16WistfulPete Townshend
17Eminence FrontPete Townshend
18Lonely WordsPete Townshend

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