Fig Tree Bay

Fig Tree Bay

Peter Frampton

Finding nothing but warmth

Came to the island
To find peace
And seek tranquility

Started to drive
At Fig Tree Bay

There's no time, who needs time?
Stop the clock at half-past nine
Take out some cheese and laze around

One day not Sunday
I found us a beach to hide away
Whispering waves

Shapes in the sand
Dream of centuries past
But who can tell

Sea shells and dog's tails surround me now
The sun beats down
Give me the strength to speak my mind

All that we have clicking by
For your eyes and mine alone

Maybe your hey-day
I glanced at the private movie star

Brown skin girl
Please take us back to where the sun beats down
Give me the time and peace of mind

Written by Frampton, Peter
Published by EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group

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