Honorary Citizen

Honorary Citizen

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1African Peter Tosh
1Rastafari IsPeter Tosh
1Pound Get A BlowThe Wailers
2Igziabeher Peter Tosh
2Fire FireThe Wailers
2Coming In HotPeter Tosh
3Ketchy Shuby Peter Tosh
3You Can't Fool Me AgainPeter Tosh
3FuturePeter Tosh
4Downpressor Man Peter Tosh
4Rightful RulerPeter Tosh
4Mystic ManPeter Tosh
5Steppin' Razor Peter Tosh
5Black DignityPeter Tosh
5Glass HousePeter Tosh
6Equal Rights Peter Tosh
6Here Comes The SunPeter Tosh
6Glass HousePeter Tosh
7Here Comes The JudgePeter Tosh
7Not Gonna Give It UpPeter Tosh
7I'm The ToughestPeter Tosh
8Leave My BusinessPeter Tosh
8Bush DoctorPeter Tosh
8Johnny B. GoodePeter Tosh
9CreationPeter Tosh
9Rock With MePeter Tosh
9Arise BlackmanPeter Tosh
10Get Up, Stand Up (Acoustic Live)Peter Tosh
10(You Gotta Walk And) Don't Look BackPeter Tosh
10Once BittenPeter Tosh
11Get Up Stand UpPeter Tosh
11Dog TeethPeter Tosh
11Reggae-MylitisPeter Tosh
12LionPeter Tosh & The Wailers
12Fools DiePeter Tosh
13No Nuclear WarPeter Tosh
13Can't Blame The YouthPeter Tosh
14No MercyPeter Tosh & The Wailers
14Honorary CitizenPauline Morris
15Mark Of The BeastPeter Tosh & The Wailers
16No SympathyThe Wailers
17Legalize It VersionPeter Tosh
18DraculaPeter Tosh
19Bumbo KlaatPeter Tosh

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