Philip Glass

The Thin Blue Line - Original Soundtrack

The Thin Blue Line - Original Soundtrack

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1Opening CreditsPhilip Glass
2ProloguePhilip Glass
3Interrogation, Part OnePhilip Glass
4Interrogation, Part TwoPhilip Glass
5Turko, Part OnePhilip Glass
6Turko, Part TwoPhilip Glass
7VidorPhilip Glass
8Harris' StoryPhilip Glass
9Adams' StoryPhilip Glass
10Comets & VegasPhilip Glass
11The Defense Attorneys, Part OnePhilip Glass
12Harris' Crimes, Part OnePhilip Glass
13The JudgePhilip Glass
14The Trial, Part OnePhilip Glass
15The Trial, Part TwoPhilip Glass
16The Mystery Eyewitness, Part OnePhilip Glass
17The Mystery Eyewitness, Part TwoPhilip Glass
18Elba CarrPhilip Glass
19The Mystery Eyewitness, Part ThreePhilip Glass
20The Thin Blue LinePhilip Glass
21Dr. DeathPhilip Glass
22The Electric ChairPhilip Glass
23The Defense Attorneys, Part TwoPhilip Glass
24Harris' TestimonyPhilip Glass
25The Mystery Eyewitness, Part FourPhilip Glass
26The Mystery Eyewitness, Part FivePhilip Glass
27Harris' Crimes, Part TwoPhilip Glass
28Hell on EarthPhilip Glass
29Harris' ChildhoodPhilip Glass
30The ConfessionPhilip Glass
31End CreditsPhilip Glass

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