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The Essential Phyllis Hyman

The Essential Phyllis Hyman

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1Betcha by Golly WowNorman Connors Featuring Phyllis Hyman
1I'm Calling YouPhyllis Hyman
2Be Careful (Remastered)Phyllis Hyman
2Kiss You All Over (12" Version)Phyllis Hyman
3Can't We Fall in Love Again (Remastered)Phyllis Hyman with Michael Henderson
3We Both Need Each Other (Remastered)Norman Connors feat. Phyllis Hyman and Michael Henderson
4You Know How to Love Me (Edit Version)Phyllis Hyman
4Under Your Spell (Remastered)Phyllis Hyman
5I Ain't Asking (Remastered)Phyllis Hyman
5Tonight You and Me (Disco Version- Remastered)Phyllis Hyman
6The Answer Is You (Remastered)Phyllis Hyman
6Ain't You Had Enough LovePhyllis Hyman
7Let Somebody Love You (Remastered)Phyllis Hyman
7Your Move, My HeartPhyllis Hyman
8Loving You - Losing YouPhyllis Hyman
8Some WayPhyllis Hyman
9No One Can Love You More (Remastered)Phyllis Hyman
9When You Get Right Down to ItPhyllis Hyman
10Don't Tell Me, Tell Her (Remastered)Phyllis Hyman
10Living in Confusion (Remastered)Phyllis Hyman
11I Don't Want to Lose You (Remastered)Phyllis Hyman
11Don't Wanna Change the WorldPhyllis Hyman
12When I Give My Love (This Time) (Remastered)Phyllis Hyman
12Living All Alone (Remastered)Phyllis Hyman
13I'm Truly YoursPhyllis Hyman
13Gonna Make Changes (Remastered)Phyllis Hyman
14The Night Bird Gets the LovePhyllis Hyman
14I Refuse to Be LonelyPhyllis Hyman
15Somewhere in My Lifetime (Remastered)Phyllis Hyman
15Old Friend (Remastered)Phyllis Hyman

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