A Rare Slice of Country

A Rare Slice of Country

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  • A Rare Slice of Country


1I Love No One but YouPorter Wagoner
2River of LovePorter Wagoner
3Wedding BellsPorter Wagoner
4Walk SoftlyPorter Wagoner
5Let Old Mother Nature Have Her WayPorter Wagoner
6WonderingPorter Wagoner
7Baby, We're Really in LovePorter Wagoner
8I Betcha My Heart, I Love YouPorter Wagoner
9Since You Went AwayPorter Wagoner
10I Want to Be With You AlwaysPorter Wagoner
11Be Glad That You Ain't MePorter Wagoner
12Love At First SightPorter Wagoner
13Comedy Chat (With Red Foley)Porter Wagoner
14If You Don't, Somebody Else WillPorter Wagoner
15If You Don't, Somebody Else Will (Reprise)Porter Wagoner
16I Thought I Heard You Call My NamePorter Wagoner
17Comedy Chat (With Jim Reeves)Porter Wagoner
18Uncle PenPorter Wagoner
19Eat, Drink and Be Merry (Tomorrow You'll Cry)Porter Wagoner
20Comedy Chat (With Jim Reeves)Porter Wagoner
21Comedy Chat (With Red Foley)Porter Wagoner
22Settin' the Woods on FirePorter Wagoner
23Pay DayPorter Wagoner
24A Satisfied MindPorter Wagoner
25Good Morning NeighbourPorter Wagoner
26Tomorrow We'll RetirePorter Wagoner

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