Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence (Bonus Tracks)

Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence (Bonus Tracks)

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  • Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence (Bonus Tracks)


1Nurturing DecayVarious Artists
1SalvoVarious Artists
2I DieVarious Artists
2Franks' ThemeVarious Artists
3SanctuaryAntidote For Annie
3The Essence of PainVarious Artists
4SilhouetteVarious Artists
4Where Did You GoBioassay
5Fading NothingVarious Artists
5Ambivalent FrostCyber Strukture
6We RiseVarious Artists
7Apocalyptic VisionsVarious Artists
7GoneVenus In Furs
8Sharp As StarsVarious Artists
8From HellProject Rotten
9InamorataVarious Artists
9Madness Not MedicineVarious Artists
10HeartlikeaphoenizinafirestormVarious Artists
11SaviourVarious Artists
11Souless Killing MachineVarious Artists
12Hammer DemocracyPreacher
12WeaponizedVarious Artists
13ControlPlatform one
13ApogeeVarious Artists
14Mr. SonVarious Artists
14Who Drugged Me?Various Artists
15Boom Ra TechVarious Artists
15Mechanical ReactionVarious Artists
16Black LungVarious Artists
16Phoenix EffectVarious Artists
17Somebody to SaveShort To Ground
17Waiting GameVarious Artists
18Not On My WatchVarious Artists
18One Step ForwardIllusion of Joy
19OathbreakerJordan Decay

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