Prince & the Revolution

Oh my God here you are
Prettiest thing in life I've ever seen
Close my eyes what's it like,
What's it like inside your tambourine?

Oh my God, there I go
Falling in love with the face in a magazine (uh oh, not again)
All alone by myself
Me and I play my tambourine

Tambourine [Repeat: x4]
Long days, lonely nights
Long days, lonely nights

I don't care for one night stands
With trolley cars
That juggle seventeen
I just want to settle down and
Play around
My baby's tambourine

Tambourine what are you
Why are you the star of
All my dreams
(Star of all my dreams, are you a good tambourine)
Are you good, are you bad
Are you just unnecessary means

Tambourine [Repeat: x3]
Trolley cars

Long days, lonely nights
Too bad we're not allowed to scream (yeah, yeah, too bad)
Guess that I'll stay at home
All alone and play my tambourine

Tambourine [Repeat: x4]
The tambourine

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